Symposium on

Geosciences Education-Experiences and Future Perspective

Organized by GSI jointly with AHI,AEG,IGU and PSI

The conference aims to deliberate and achieve ways for the developing and improving geoscience education across the country at different levels. During the past three decades, in spite of a diverse spectrum of geoscience academic programs have come up in the country for implementation, still it is believed that the employer requirements have not been met adequately. A comprehensive review of the skills, competencies and conceptual understandings needed in geoscience education programs are needed now, to be discussed at a common forum. This conference is designed for arriving at recommendations that are necessary to improve the geoscience education in the country.

Geosciences play a seminal role in the exploration and extraction of mineral and water resources, and earth materials, besides prediction, prevention and mitigation of natural and human made hazards and also addressing the issues of global warming, climate change, environmental pollution etc. Integrated study of the dynamic processes that formed and modify our solid Earth, its oceans and atmosphere, and its position in the universe underpins all these key areas of scientific understanding. Despite this, there is an alarmingly low level of earth science literacy and awareness among l students at the school and college levels, and the public at large. This leads to bright and talented students taking to medicine, engineering and other fields merely due to a lack of understanding of the of potentials in higher education and the exciting and challenging careers in geosciences. The goal of this conference is to address questions of importance to the geosciences and to begin developing a collective vision for geoscience education.

The main objective of the conference is to bring together leading academicians, scientists, researchers, graduate students and others whose mandate/interest is to promote geoscience education at the school, college and university levels and among the general public; to discuss the current position of geoscience education and identify future directions for curriculum development, professional development and research, organize meetings, conferences and workshops for geoscience educators and to disseminate information on new trends and topics in the field of geosciences. These should naturally include specific programmes on the continuation and coordination of training courses, especially through generation of teaching materials and dissemination of the same as needed at different levels. This being essentially a field science, the cooperation of Government Organizations and Corporations dealing with materials of the Earth are absolutely essential to achieve the objectives, particularly with regarding to training.


  • Transform in geosciences education for sustainability
  • Geosciences for Societal development
  • Innovation in curriculum development including Imparting more field/practical knowledge
  • Innovative and flexible evaluation and certification system


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