Symposium on

Modern and Ancient Orogenic Processes

Organized by NGRI jointly with NCESS

"Modern and Ancient Orogenic Processes"

As discussed in the previous proceedings of the FIGA, the above is an important, all encompassing theme to understand orogenic belts from across the geological perspective. It is unique opportunity to shed light on varying geological provinces forming the Indian subcontinent. The Indian subcontinent has varied amalgamation of Precambrian Cratons and mobile belts, Proterozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary basins, Gondwana dispersal and tilting of Peninsula producing Western Ghats and the magnificent Himalayan collision belt and Indo-Burmese-Andaman collision / subduction complex. Needless to emphasize post-Mesozoic submarine volcanism producing 800, 900 ridges in Bay of Bengal and Chagos-Laccadive ridge in the Indian Ocean, large transform fault system like submarine Owen fracture zone continuing on land as strike slip Chaman Fault forming western margin of the Indian Plate, Karakoram fault in Ladakh and Sagaging Fault and associated strike skip fault system in Indo-Burmese plate boundary. All the above large regional structures have produced mountain belts of different dimensions.

  • Dr. M. Ravi Kumar, Director General, ISR, Gandhinagar - Lithospheric and Seismic structure of Himalaya
  • Dr. J.R. Kayal, Retd. DyDG (Head Geophysics), GSI - Microearthquake Seismology and seismotectonics of NE India including Shillong Plateau
  • Evolution of Western Ghats mountains (Speaker yet to be decided)
  • Evolution of Andaman belt (Tentative)
  • Other orogenic belt from Alps or other part of the world (Tentative)


  • Metamorphism and exhumation through time
  • Structural evolution of orogenic belt
  • Deep earth probe of active mountain belts
  • Seismotectonics, crustal structure and variability
  • Terrain growth, Neotectonics and Paleoseismology
  • Other orogenic belts (Tentative)

Convener                                                                                 Co-convener

Dr. Anand K Pandey                                                                                 Dr. Soumyajit Mukherjee
Principal Scientist                                                                                     Associate Professor
CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute                                        Dept. of Earth Sciences
Hyderabad                                                                                                IIT Bombay, Mumbai


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