Symposium on

Water Resources and Water Policies

Organized by AHI jointly with IGU, AEG and GSI

The symposium on "The Water Resources and Water Policies" is aimed to address the broad issues related to sustainable water supply and development of policy framework in order to achieve long term goals for meeting the need of domestic, agricultural and industrial needs by addressing the environmental concerns.

This symposium is to bring together the experts, young researchers and students from government, private sector and educational institutions to deliberate upon the lessons learned from the research studies, projects implemented and tools available to bring out the full breadth of ideas for the benefit of community. Water policy issues including pricing need to be discussed the conference aims to achieve this by bringing together the parties engaged in water resources management and governance to assess the possibility of formulating new policies at different levels. The conference will document policy reforms in India and the challenges therein. It will also critically assess the impact of the different initiatives to reform water resources governance. The importance of scientific knowledge while formulating water policy and the strengthening of water resources policy studies in the region will receive special attention.


  • New methods of exploration
  • Lessons learned from the implementation of hydrology projects
  • Best practices of design and application of water resource management techniques
  • Ecological imbalance due to extreme climatological events
  • Hydrology of extreme events and its impact on humans
  • Management of floods and droughts
  • Urbanisation and its impact on water resources
  • Water management and Mining
  • Waste water treatment, recycle and reuse
  • Water policy and climate change


Prof. L. Elango
Dept. of Geology
Anna University,Chennai
Ph: 91-44-223584445


All Abstracts may be sent to:

Kalachand Sain


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